Mission and History



The mission of All Saints Catholic School is to grow leaders in mind, body, and spirit and encourage each student to reach his or her personal potential. 

Our school community strives to develop saintly leaders that will be living witnesses of the Gospel by focusing on: 

Academic Excellence
Service to Others
Community Building
Sharing Our Faith


All Saints Catholic School was founded in 1997, becoming the first new Catholic school to be built in the Archdiocese of Detroit since 1964.  Named as a tribute to the former All Saints Catholic School in Detroit, which closed in 1970, the resurrection of the school at its current location was derived from a need to serve the educational needs of four area parishes – Resurrection Parish, St. John Neumann Parish, St. Thomas à Becket Catholic Church, and Saint Kenneth Catholic Community Church  – as a regional-based school model.

More than 20 years and 30 parish associations later, the founding vision of academic excellence, establishing a strong spiritual formation in the Catholic faith, creating a vibrant community, and serving others, continues to guide the school and inform its strategic decision making. Our school community has expanded to include full- and half-day preschool and pre-kindergarten programs. Our dedicated staff remain committed to developing the mind, strengthening the body, and nourishing the spirit of each child. Our enthusiasm for our Catholic faith and academic learning continue to flourish. As we look toward the future, All Saints Catholic School continues to develop programs to be the Christ- and family-centered school community that is actively sought for its strong Catholic identity, academic excellence, character development, and responsible stewardship.