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The All Saints Catholic School lunch program utilizes the Plymouth/Canton School System’s Food and Nutrition Department, which is prepared at Tonda Elementary School and delivered to All Saints late each morning. This system offers our students many entrée options and a second healthier entrée option each day. The cost of a hot lunch is $5; extra entrees are priced at $2.20 each. Please remember there are NO EXTRAS available on Subway and All You Can Eat Pancake entrées.

When placing your online order, please double-check your cart before checking out to ensure that all order dates are included in your cart order and your account has been charged appropriately. The All Saints snack cart and fresh baked cookies will be available throughout the year. Please watch the newsletter for the dates they will be available. Snacks are $1-2 each. On special Cookie Days, cookies are 2 for $1.

If your student forgets their lunch, a lunch will be provided for them. Choices could include PB&J or cheese sandwich, string cheese, cheesy crackers, milk, or other offerings as they are available. You will be billed $5 for each forgotten lunch.