SCRIP Program

Order Scrip Today! All Saints Catholic School participates in the Scrip program, which is a tremendous way to support our school and reduce your tuition expenses. You will need to complete two forms and submit them to the office to participate in the All Saints Catholic School Scrip Program. The first form is the Scrip Program Agreement. This form provides us direction as to how you want your eligible Scrip rebates handled. There are currently three (3) available options for disbursement of your 50% rebate. This form is kept on file throughout your participation in the program. It can be changed at any time simply by completing a new form.
  1. You may apply it to your student(s) tuition as a credit on next year’s tuition. As in year’s past, this will show up as a credit on your tuition invoice.
  2. You may give the full amount back to All Saints Catholic School as a charitable contribution and will receive a tax receipt for this donation.
  3. You may request a check be sent home once all Scrip rebates are processed (usually in late May, early June).
The second form we need on file is the All Saints Catholic School Scrip Pick-Up Waiver Form. This form authorizes ASCS to send your Scrip order home via your child’s backpack versus requiring an in-person pick up. You may also designate an alternate individual to pick up your Scrip order if you so choose. This form must be completed on an annual basis. Scrip is a fun and useful way to help the school and earn rebates for your family which help lower your tuition at the same time. We appreciate your support of the changes being made to the Scrip Program, a program that has been highly beneficial for our school and many families within our community! Necessary forms to participate in Scrip:
Here's how Scrip works:  Scrip consists of gift cards from national and local retailers.  These are the same gift cards they sell in their stores.  Scrip cards ordered directly through ASCS are paid for at the usual gift card amount ($25, $50, etc.).  Each store gives a rebate to the school which is then split between ASCS and your family.  Scrip revenue is earned between April 1st and the following March 31st. 

About the rebates:
  The school has a list of all the participating retailers or check out the list here at Shop with Scrip. Each retailer has a percentage next to their name.  For example, Bob Evans offers a 10% rebate.  If you purchased $100 in Scrip cards, Bob Evans provides a 10% rebate, or $10, back to ASCS and this is split with your family. How to order Scrip: Order Scrip online by logging on to Shop with Scrip.
  • Go to the orange button and click on “Not a Member? – click here”
  • Complete the registration page and accept the terms of the agreement at the bottom.
  • You will be prompted to enter ASCS’s enrollment code.
  • Click “Join”; then click on “My Account” at the top of the page.
  • In order to pay online you must also enroll in Presto-Pay (automatic checking account deduction).
    • Click on “Presto-Pay”; read the information and click “Yes I agree.”
    • Complete the account information and choose “Next.” Over the next few days Presto-Pay will verify your information.  After verification you can then place and pay for an order online.
  • When placing an order online be sure to select ASCS as your selected organization!  Find the gift cards you would like to purchase; fill in the quantity and click “Add to Cart.”  Once you are finished, click Check Out.  If you are using Presto-Pay, be sure your order is correct because it cannot be changed and your checking account will be debited after the next screen.
  • If you don’t want to use Presto-Pay you can still place your order online but you need to send a check to the office by the due date.